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Open a world of choice
In 1996 we became Guernsey's first independent vehicle importers, so we have over a decade of experience in delivering the choice, availability and cost advantages that importing offers you.

Our vehicles are sourced direct in Japan by our local dealer, who has been in the market for over 30 years.This partnership means that we can offer the best vehicles at the best prices.

Whether it's something a bit different you are looking for, or a model not available to the UK market we will strive to find the right vehicle.
Recent Imports
Mitsubishi Space Gear
Delica 2WD & 4WD, Honda Acty, Mitsubishi 'i', Nissan Figaro
Import FAQs
What is an import?
Imports are cars that are primarily made for the japanese market and have been used on japanese roads.

Why should I buy an import?
There are several advantages: You save money, you get greater choice, a better quality car with lower mileage, a higher specification, and bodywork that is in undeniably superior condition.

What about the legal stuff?
When the vehicle arrives in Guernsey we take care of the entire legal registration and import process.
Can you guarantee the vehicle has
not been stolen in Japan?
We buy all our vehicles direct through our local dealer who only uses state controlled auctions, thereby guaranteeing title of the vehicles.

What are the any differences in the cars?
Apart from generally higher specifications there are few differences: Japan drives on the left, just like the UK, so cars in Japan are all right hand drive.

The speedo will require changing from kmh to mph, which we undertake. The radio may requre a bandwidth adjuster.

Also, Japanese cars are restricted to a maximum speed of 180kmh, We can remove this for a small fee. That's generally it.
The Advantages
of Importing
Higher Spec
Lower Mileages
Full Parts Backup
Full Servicing
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